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JBS Executive Accelerator program application 

Accelerate your business to dominate and transform communities. 

A JBS Program that will take you to the next level. 

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Accelerate your business to dominate and transform communities. 

Executive Accelerator Program
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THE JBS EXECUTIVE ACCELERATOR is a six-week program designed to provide established entrepreneurs opportunities to learn how to accelerate and position their business to dominate and transform communities. Through the interactive learning and peer perspective, participants will gain a growth plan toolkit designed to take their businesses to the next level as a strategic leader, producing new solutions to the challenges faced by today's society.

A Program Uniquely designed for you. 

Accepted participants will complete a business assessment review that is similar to a business valuation. This evaluation will be used to identify the focus areas as well as identify processes that either need to be upgraded or implemented. After the evaluation, a project plan will be created for each business and overseen by the JBS faculty, SBDC, PTAC Advisors.  Additionally, the participants will be matched and assigned small Peer-to-Peer groups that will act as accountability partners and mentors to each other.

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KBA Program Pre-Requisites: 

  • $150,000 sales revenue in most recent fiscal year
  • Established legal entity (operating in good standing)
  • Completed application 
  • Orientation -- A Kingdom Perspective & The State of Entrepreneurship 

    In Matthew 25, we see Jesus’ parable of the talents. From an eternal perspective, this passage of scripture relates to how we use God’s gift of grace. As it relates to the marketplace, it is a story about capital, investment, entrepreneurship, and the proper use of economic resources. Genesis 1:26 provides the mandate to “be fruitful...multiply...fill the earth...subdue it...have dominion.” It is clear from the parable of the talents and the cultural mandate that in subduing the earth, entrepreneur-minded people need to be attentive to the possibilities for change, development, and investment. This course is designed to help Christian entrepreneurs discover biblical and general business principles aimed at: recognizable fine-tuning skills to innovate and grow world-class organizations in a manner that far outweighs sense knowledge; being known as experts in their field; and being able to say “I serve God!”

  • Expanding Your Capacity to Think Through Biblical

    Apart from hearing and studying, meditating God’s Word is one of the most important ingredients for success in life. This course will help students refocus and get to the root of fears and worries by providing resources that will challenge and grow their understanding of prayer through biblical meditation and confession. Students receive enlightening tips to help evaluate and re-shape this aspect of leadership, and insightful advice for strengthening and revitalizing their prayer life.

  • Be All You Can Dream -- The Next Level!

    Through a carefully constructed series of sessions that blends faculty lectures, case studies, videos, group workshops and individual exercises, this simulated course focuses on visionary and strategic leadership. The instructional team creates a learning environment that is invigorating, demanding and enjoyable. Drawing on the lives of historical and current Christian business giants, as well as actionable research, students explore the very essence of seeing and thinking big!

  • Windows of Opportunity

    Long-term success in business requires building a sustainable competitive advantage -- one that endures, despite new competitors entering the market or existing competitors improving their products or services. This course utilizes case studies that focus on the strategies and tactics to achieve that advantage through examining the uniqueness or viability of a product or service and understanding the marketplace and past trends that have governed the conditions that preceded the trends.

  • Breakthrough Thinking

    Breakthrough thinking provides the critical skills that business executives need to hone their creative thinking processes. This course imparts a deliberate, focused effort, aimed at developing radically new approaches that overcome constraints, instead of making incremental changes. Students learn techniques to remove boundaries and limits in their thought process, and mastery that allow new and innovative ideas to flow.

  • Project Management: The Road Map to the Growth Plan- 

    This course provides business owners with guidelines for creating and managing growth projects. Students review in-depth concepts and solutions that support scope statement, effective planning, scheduling, controlling, resource allocation, and performance and communication requirements.

  • The Decision Making Process

    Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when it is a choice between where you think you should and want to be and where God wants you to be. Small business owners make decisions on a daily basis, addressing everything from day-to-day operational issues to long-range strategic planning. This course takes you through “A-Team” building exercises and the process of seeking the wisdom of God to make decisions that can significantly improve your decision-making effectiveness.

  • Economic Development

    This course provides the business owner with a review of the various programs and benefits that are offered through local, county and state government entities. The discussion will center around supplier diversity, set aside contracts for socio-economic certification, marketing with certifications, subcontracting potential networking, local area empowerment zones, real estate tax negotiations, and building improvements.

  • Winning with Innovation

    For decades, the technological revolution has captured the imagination of business owners and many consumers. As a result, leading industries are turning their strategy to change how they do business. This course provides a landscape view of how technology is employed to address organizational change efficiently. Students utilize appropriate quantitative techniques to analyze: business issues, market segments, professions and careers that have virtually disappeared, Artificial Intelligence, technological accountability, and the who, what, when, where and why of transformative technology.

  • Navigating Dunamis Connections

    At every level, leaders need to be able to execute on their ideas and persuade others to join in the execution. To do so, understanding how to create and utilize power in an organization is critical. In this course, students will focus on: personal and business relationships with power; methodologies for thinking that will challenge to see the world differently, listen more carefully, and collaborate more productively; and how networks shape the economy and influence an organization’s performance

  • Strategic Advantage

    Being the best, whether customer service, market, product, quality or technological opportunities, successful companies find a way to differentiate themselves from the masses. The “Strategic Advantage” course places emphasis on two sources: (1) core competencies, building and expanding on the organization’s internal capabilities; and (2) strategically important external resources, which are shaped and leveraged through key external relationships and partnerships.

  • Global Sources

    You will gain an understanding of mapping key components and processes to produce and distribute products and services, examining top priorities to drive growth, issues that may inhibit growth, and globalization through import/export opportunities.

  • Measurement & Performance Analytics

    Performance measurement and target-setting are important to the growth process. This course examines, in detail, quantifiable factors that are clearly linked to the drivers of success (KPI’s) in the business and sector, ways to measure them, and setting SMART targets to give everyone in your business a clear sense of what the organization should be aiming for. The course will consist of case studies and discussions on valuation, capital budgeting, capital structure and analyses

  • IPOs, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Succession Strategies

    When viewed as an investment, business is something that will have real, tangible value. Throughout this course, exit strategies for building a robust succession planning program that aligns current talent development with future leadership needs, the vision of the company, and a comprehensive look at all factors that impact the business owner, family, and the community, are discussed in depth. Business owners will also be provided with information to maximize retirement savings options, funding taxable investment accounts and improving inefficiencies in the business.

  • Growth Plan Workshop

    Once a business growth strategy has been developed, it is crucial the new plan is implemented effectively. This workshop allows students to fully bring all phases of the growth plan process together into a multimedia presentation. Students will also look at ways to effectively manage the implementation and execution of the plan ensuring resources are coordinated to achieve optimum performance

  • Growth Plan Presentation 

    During this course, each student has twenty minutes to present their growth plans to a panel of business experts in their field, their business advisors and peers, and an additional ten minutes for questions and answers.

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