Dominate in the Marketplace

At the Joseph Business School, we help turn your business dreams into reality.

Our nationally accredited entrepreneurship program shows you practical and spiritual principles on how to start and run a business God’s way; and in 4 months, you will have a comprehensive business plan for your specific business idea.


The Joseph Business School is a premier Christian business school that prepares kingdom minded entrepreneurs.

Our program is divided into (4) terms covering conventional topics such as Business Opportunities, Legal – Business Formation, Marketing – Sales, Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology/E-commerce. We elevate your experience by equipping students to build a bible-based foundation for their businesses that is guided by faith and prayer to produce exponential results.

Our point of distinction or “secret sauce” includes:

Need more confidence to become your own boss?

Small business is so much more than sales and marketing – it requires a broad business skill set which JBS can help you develop in our 4 month Business & Entrepreneurship Program.

Our curriculum is designed to help you learn and reinforce conventional business skills such as:
• Identify and evaluate business opportunities
• Manage Cash Flow
• Develop revenue models & forecasts; and
• Write your comprehensive business plan

We utilize instructor lead classes, collaborates, dialogues, learning modules, guest speakers and laboratory assignments to provide hands-on training for operating your business. Our students are enthusiastic about learning the practical aspects of how to start and run a profitable business while applying biblical principles. We integrate faith by exposing students to courses like Christ and the Corporation, Life as a Christian Entrepreneur and Prayer.

Entrepreneurship Program

We offer weekend and online courses to fit any busy schedule.

Thinking about attending Joseph Business School – where you learn by doing, ultimately preparing you for kingdom entrepreneurship to create jobs, generate income and transform communities?

The JBS 4-month nationally accredited program provides amazing flexibility in allowing you receive all the benefits of our practical and biblical approach for how to start and run a business God’s way - either on campus, remotely participating in the classroom, or online.

You’re committed to taking your business to the next level. Part of picking the right entrepreneurial program is choosing criteria that matters most and comparing your options. If your criteria include:
• Learning skills to build your comprehensive business plan,
• Starting your business while attending school and
• Employing biblical principles such as prayer to achieve God’s plan for your enterprise

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